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Hello Members of the BELL Association,

It is with a heavy heart that I must write to you at this time with a reunion coming up, but that is why I am writing to each and every one.

Due to the fact that there has not been enough members signing up for the reunion I must cancel this year's reunion. I am truly sorry this has to be done but you have to have a set amount to get the rates and dates that you need for your organization. I know everyone would enjoy the time together but there are other things that you have to do and this has to happen at some times.

This is not the end as I am already thinking about having a special gathering in the spring to meet and discuss the things that need to be taken care of for future generations. I do have a rather large acquirement of the history of the USS Bell and men who fought and served on the ship during WWII. I have spoken to someone in a couple of WWII museums about giving some of the artifacts that would be available to someone visiting the museums and would be able to see things such as pictures of their family member and their contribution to the history of the time.

I do think everyone should have a say about how they would like the history that we have to be placed in a safe and useful place.

Due to the fact that this reunion must be cancelled anyone that has sent their money to attend the reunion will have it returned within the next few days. I truly appreciate your interest and your support of all the reunions in the past. I would still like to keep up with members with any news items and I hope in that way we can keep up with all the wonderful BELL families.

As I said in the beginning I am working on a time in the spring time that all that would like to meet and have several days to visit and talk about what should be done to remember the brave men and the ship that took them out to sea, fought many battles, and brought them back home. I know that since I have been with the BELL group I have so enjoyed the fact that my two uncles asked me to attend a reunion with them one time and it has been a wonderful ride and I will never forget any of you.

Keep watching your mailbox as I am working on a final gathering of our BELL family just to take care of business.